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Market Check

Six Styrian seed oils were tested by a German TV audience.
Experts are enthusiastic about the Pelzmann product:
"That's how I imagine Styrian seed oil."

Pumpkin seed oil from Styria has been conquering international markets for some years, so various core oils are also being offered in retail outlets in Germany. Occasion for the experts of the public ARD six kernel oils to undergo a hard market check. Checked were origin, pollution and of course the taste. The result in advance: Top marks were given for the green gold from the oil mill Pelzmann in Wagna. 

"We are very happy about this international recognition. It proves that our efforts to achieve the highest quality are bearing fruit",

emphasizes company boss Klaus Pelzmann. This also proved that not the most expensive must be the best seed oil, as a presenter noted.

Pelzmann convinces experts

The "seed oil trophy" for the southern Styrian traditional company Pelzmann receives special weight not only due to the incorruptible criteria of the TV tasting, but also by the jury, which evaluated the oils from Styria for consistency, color, taste, roasting and fragrance , Peter von Ribbeck is an international celebrity chef specializing in event cuisine, but also a fervent fan of kernel oil. "The Pelzmann seed oil had a lot of red reflexes and a more intensive roasting", so his finding in the context of the blind tasting. It was strong, round and excellent for the kitchen.

As for him, Pelzmann was also the favorite among the six rehearsals for the German oil mill operator and pumpkin farmer Stefan Kerner. "This is the roast, under which I imagine Styrian pumpkin seed oil," summarized Kerner his taste experiences together. Apart from that: In contrast to domestic production, Kerner's pumpkin seed oil is cold-pressed.


Beste results
from university lab

The scientific studies carried out at the Institute for General and Analytical Chemistry of the Montanuniversität Leoben on behalf of the ARD market check with highly sensitive laboratory technology were also excellent. Institute Director and Chief Chemist Wolfhard Wegscheider: "For all of the core oils, it was possible to prove that the cores were grown in Styria, Lower Austria or Burgenland." It is well known that this is an important prerequisite for being eligible for the EU Protected Geographical Indication mark. Very pleasing also the result in the control of pollutants: All core oils were well below the maximum permissible limits.

"For us, this result is the order to continue to work hard on the unique quality and the unmistakable taste of our products,"

emphasizes company boss Klaus Pelzmann. Afterthought: The success is the result of excellent cooperation, which ranges from pumpkin farmers to employees in their own company. Pelzmann: "We all say a big thank you to all of you. The green taste of Austria also convinces the German experts and consumers. "